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Christmas Meme Maker

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Custom Christmas Memes

Our Christmas photo and video collection are unbeatable! Easily create your own personalized meme by browsing our library, or customize a ready-made Christmas meme. Add text, style with your colors, choose your preferred meme size, brand, and share. It’s so easy; you’ll be a meme-master in no time!

Ready-Made Christmas Memes

What better way to engage your customers this holiday season than with a Merry Christmas meme? Save time and check out our Christmas meme collection, made by our team of creative professionals. Share as is, or change the text and style to best fit your brand. The choice is yours!

Funny Christmas Memes

Memes were meant to be funny. Why should your Christmas memes be any different? Select a humorous video clip by searching for ‘funny Christmas’ in our library, add your customized text, and share your Christmas meme to ensure everyone around you is smiling this holiday season.

Christmas Eve Memes

Choose Christmas Eve footage from over 110M photo and video options, or use your own. Then, gather around the fireplace and share the holiday cheer with Christmas Eve memes. Create a thoughtful, heartwarming meme and share it with loved ones close and far this Christmas Eve.

Branded Christmas Memes

Take your Christmas marketing strategy up a notch by adding your brand and custom brand colors to your Christmas memes. Branded Christmas memes are a great way to wish your customers a happy holiday and let them know about upcoming holiday sales and discounts.

How to Create the perfect Christmas Meme

Upload Your footage or Choose from Our Library

Upload your video or photos to Promo’s online video editor, or choose your Christmas meme footage from our amazing media library.

Add Text to Your Christmas Meme

Choose the part of the video you want to turn into a meme. Click add text and choose our Meme or Magic Meme text style. Next – add a funny or personal caption. You can easily adjust the caption size, color, and font for the perfect result.

Publish & Share

On the publish page, create your meme using the markers to choose the Start and End points for the part of the video you want to use.

Why Use's Christmas Meme Collection

It’s So Easy, Anyone Can Create a Merry Christmas Meme

Bring a smile to anyone’s face with a completely personalized Christmas meme made just for them. Promo’s Christmas meme maker is so easy to use, you’ll be creating Merry Christmas memes for all your loved ones!

Unlimited Christmas Meme Downloads

Not only can you create unlimited Christmas memes using, but you can also download as many as you like. With endless GIF possibilities, you’ll never run out of cute Merry Christmas meme ideas. The best part? It’s all online!

Create Christmas Memes in Any Format

Want to share your Christmas Meme on social media? We’ve got you covered! Easily download your Meme in three different social media formats.

What Our Clients Say

We have been using for approximately one year now and we are very, very satisfied! It is really very easy to create great video content. The customer service staff is also very kind and helpful.


This site is AMAZING!! Lots of content and very easy to use!

Franco Rocco

Love this service. There is tons of great content for everyone. I'm a huge fan!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a Merry Christmas Meme from a video?

It’s super easy! Upload your video or photos to Promo’s online video editor, or choose your Christmas meme footage from our media library. Next, select the part of the video you want to turn into a meme. Click “add text” and choose our meme text style. On the publish page, create your meme using the markers to select the “Start” and “End” points for the part of the video you want to use. Now you’re ready to share your Christmas memes with the world!

How do I edit my Christmas meme?

All you have to do is upload your video or photo to Promo’s video editor (or choose a ready-made template), add your Christmas text with our meme text style, and you’re ready for publishing!

How do I choose a specific segment of the video for my Merry Christmas Meme?

Drag to adjust the footage or photos to fit the frame. You can also choose your preferred font and colors and play around with the text placement and size.

Do you have Merry Christmas meme images as well?

We sure do! Our library is packed with Christmas-related images. Just look up “Christmas” in our search bar, and you’ll be amazed at the number of options that come up. You can also add a more specific keyword to your search, such as “funny” or “sentimental.”

Can I also make a Christmas Vacation meme?

Of course. With our meme maker, you can easily upload your videos and create a memorable Christmas vacation meme with your favorite Christmas vacation memories to share. You can also create a Christmas vacation meme before your trip, highlighting the destination you will be traveling to and getting everyone excited for the trip.

Level up Your Christmas Greetings

With Promo’s online Christmas meme maker, you can create as many Merry Christmas memes as you’d like. But that’s not all! Our online video tools can help you create Christmas videos, Birthday Gifs, and more.

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