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Add your photos to any video and enjoy the results in minutes. With Promo it’s easy, online and free!

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Add Photo to Video

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Add Your Image to Video in Just a Few Clicks

Adding photos to your video is both easy and fun with – with just a few clicks, you can effortlessly add any photo to your video projects. Merging photos with videos has never been simpler (or more fun). Add styled text, your choice of music or audio, and more.

Place Photos Anywhere in the Video

Power your video with photos! With’s easy to use video editor, you can easily add photos and video clips to any project. Mix & match your footage selection in any order you choose for an engaging video that captures attention.

Use Your Photos or Choose From Ours

Our add photo to video editor comes complete with an online photo library with millions of premium photos from Getty Images and iStock. You can add your own photos, choose from ours or mix the two!

Change the Photo Aspect Ratio

Looking for the perfect photo dimensions for your video? No problem! You can easily use our video resize tool to change your video’s aspect ratio to fit your photos, or resize your photos using our free image resizer before you add your images to the video.

Customize Your Captions

Add a professional touch to your photos with custom text overlays. Choose from hundreds of fonts & colors, and add customized transitions from the picture you added to the video that make your project stand out.

How to Insert a Photo into a Video

Upload Your Photos

Add your photos to our video editor, or choose from’s extensive library of over 110M Getty Images and iStock footage. If your video project is not already in our editor, make sure to upload it as well. All your assets will be available for you under “uploads” in the video editor

Add Image to Your Video

Choose your desired images from the “uploads tab” in the “media” folder and hover over the image to reveal the “Use” button to load the photo into the video editor. Add as many photos to video as you like!

Save & Preview to Download and Share

After adding your photos and when you’re finished editing, click on “Save & Preview” to get to the Publish screen to download or share straight to your social media.

Why Use Promo to Add Photo to Video?

Add Photos to Videos for Free

Adding photos to your video is entirely free at Our online video editor not only allows you to add images to your videos but also provides easy branding, customization, a royalty-free music library and so much more!

Easy-to-Use & Completely Online

Adding a photo to a video is simple with’s video editor. You can upload, create, and store all your scroll-stopping videos with your brand’s clips and photos all completely online in just a few clicks.

5-Star 24 Hour Customer Support

Anytime, anywhere regardless of your location, our 5-star support team will help you add images to your videos and answer any questions you have. At, helping your brand to succeed is our top priority!

What Our Clients Say

We have been using for approximately one year now and we are very, very satisfied! It is really very easy to create great video content. The customer service staff is also very kind and helpful.


This site is AMAZING!! Lots of content and very easy to use!

Franco Rocco

Love this service. There is tons of great content for everyone. I'm a huge fan!

Steve Dainard

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Add Photo in Video?

Upload your photo and videos or choose from our wide selection of premium HD videos and images to create your video. First, select the “Media” tab in the editor and click on the “Uploads” tab to find the footage you want. Then simply hover over the media and click the “Use” button to add to the video editor timeline.

Where to Add Photo to Video Online? is the place if you are looking for intuitive software that’s both fast and easy to use. offers user-friendly software to add a photo to video, add text to video, a library of royalty-free music, and so much more. In just three easy steps, you can add an image to a video online, hassle-free.

How to Add a Picture to a Video with Music?

You have a few options available:

  1. Upload your video(s) and image(s) to
  2. Choose your media to add a picture to the video. Also, If you want to add music, simply choose the “Music” tab, scroll through our royalty-free MP4 selection, and select “Use Track,” and voila! – you’re done!

How to Add Picture to Video Online with Text?

Once you’ve uploaded your media or chosen your favorite premium HD videos and images from our library, use our premium design features to add that professional touch. You can add images to video, text in different styles and fonts, and animated transitions for that polished touch.

How to Add an Image to a Video or Video Template?

Promo’s add a photo to video tool is super user-friendly and intuitive. You can upload your media or choose from over 110M Getty Images and premium HD iStock videos from our extensive library. Once your preferred videos and images are uploaded, select the “Media” tab in the editor and click on the “Uploads” tab to find the footage you want. Then simply hover over the media and click the “Use” button to add to the video editor timeline.

Add Photos to Your Video and Much More

With Promo adding images to video projects is easy and fun. But we offer so much more. You can trim, edit and style your videos. Add music from our royalty-free music library and even create a GIF from your project. Start creating today!

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