Empower Your HR Efforts with AI Video Creation

Effortlessly Craft, Publish, and Schedule up to 30 On-Brand HR Videos in one click!

Transforming HR Marketing: Seamless & Automated

PromoAI revolutionizes HR marketing and recruitment marketing by automating the creation of impactful videos tailored for the human resources industry. Boost employee engagement, enhance employer branding, and streamline social media recruiting seamlessly.

Job Opening Announcements

Create engaging video ads for specific job vacancies, clearly outlining the role, desired skills, and ideal candidate profile. Use these videos to attract the right applicants by vividly showcasing the unique aspects and opportunities of each position.

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Company Culture Highlights

Produce videos that vividly display your company’s work environment, team-building activities, and core values. Use these to give a real sense of your workplace atmosphere and the dynamics of your teams, inviting viewers to see themselves as part of your organization.

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Employer Branding Ads

Create promotional videos that emphasize your company’s culture, values, and career growth opportunities. Highlight what makes your workplace unique and appealing, encouraging potential candidates to envision a fulfilling career with your organization.

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Employee Recognition and Awards

Develop concise, yet impactful videos that highlight employee milestones, such as work anniversaries, promotions, and major project completions.

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Enhance Workforce Engagement with Tailor-Made Videos

Your HR Business, Your Narrative

Share your website address, and PromoAI will fetch your business description, logo, and branding colors. The more details you input, the better it can improve staff engagement through tailored HR content.

PromoAI Crafts Your HR Message

Witness PromoAI craft HR videos that echo your employer branding and message. Let our AI curate ideal footage, music, and compelling copy to increase employee engagement and colleague engagement in your HR communications.

Edit, Confirm, and Boost HR Engagement

Review, modify, and finalize your HR video. Directly schedule or publish to your social media with PromoAI, complete with fitting post titles, descriptions, and tags.


Powered by Premium Content

PromoAI is fueled by unlimited premium videos and photos from Getty Images and iStock. Elevate your HR marketing strategy and human resource marketing strategy with risk-free perpetual licenses for all content used.

Complete Control for HR Marketing

Edit texts, switch footage or music, and tweak colors and positions with our award-winning video editor. Enhance your HR marketing plan and HR communication with employees effortlessly before publishing.

Streamline HR Social Media Success

Craft HR promotion, social recruiting, and seasonal HR content across platforms using PromoAI. From professional HRM videos for LinkedIn to engaging recruiting through social media posts, all in a single tool.

Effortless Publishing & Scheduling

Manage your HR communications effectively with PromoAI’s calendar overview. Maintain a consistent and active HRM promotion presence. Save time by publishing & scheduling directly from PromoAI, fortifying your social media recruitment strategy and marketing for recruitment agencies.

Enhance Your HR Strategy on Social Media

Discover how to effectively blend HR marketing and social media recruitment strategies. Unveil valuable insights on HR promotions, employee engagement, and recruitment marketing. Gain access to a wealth of content and tips tailored for the HR industry, from impactful HRM videos to innovative HR communication techniques.